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Rubbish Removal is On Demand with Provincial Meadows

We’re one of the largest companies for waste clearance in Southampton. Our rubbish clearance service is very flexible and lets you choose almost any size of clearance. This offers you great control over your waste material.

From the very same day rubbish clearance to choosing a day of your choice – you can go for the option that suits you well.

Provincial Meadows is a Southampton based waste clearance company where we specialise in a wide range of rubbish removal solutions following a reasonable price list.

Our staff are experienced in the field and complete all work as per the Health and Safety guidelines. Our environmentally aware company aims to recycle most of all accumulated waste.

We provide waste clearance in Southampton for commercial and residential waste disposals. We’ve grown by satisfying all our customers with a quality delivery process that is slowly expanding.

Why are we the most reliable rubbish removal company when it comes to waste clearance in Southampton?

Our fully licenced team has been a part of us for years. So their improved expertise has made them confident about the service quality that we provide.

We offer flexible time slots to best suit the busy schedules of our customers. You can also benefit from our same or next-day collections in case of an urgent waste removal service.

Our commitments towards the environment make us recycle most of the waste that we collect from all over Southampton. We can also accommodate higher amounts of waste without increasing the service cost.

You also do not charge any hidden amount as our pricing is completely transparent. This keeps the entire process simplified.

Provincial Meadows is a specialist in waste clearance services in Southampton. Our team collects, clears, loads and disposes of the rubbish from every premise across the county.

We pride ourselves in offering environmentally conscious waste removal services.

If you have any questions, get answers by contacting us on + 44 (0) 23 8046 2982

Enjoy the best hassle-free and quick way to remove all your rubbish from your home, garden and business. Only our waste clearance in Southampton can offer you the much-awaited results!