Understanding The Services Offered Professionals For Landscape Maintenance Southampton

September 22nd, 2021

It is not unknown that the best landscape maintenance Southampton can be taken care of by professionals with appropriate knowledge, skills and experience in the field. That being said, When you say “gardening services near me” or search for the term on the Internet, you will probably find numerous professionals and gardening companies offering services in your area. When choosing such professionals for landscape and garden maintenance, it is essential to know the kind of services they offer and what to look for to match your needs and expectations.

There are a range of services in the field of landscape maintenance Southampton. This is primarily because of the varied and vast range of needs when it comes to landscape and gardening services. In this blog, we will discuss the key services offered by professionals when it comes to garden and landscape maintenance.

Here are the services offered by the majority of professionals in the field of gardening services and landscape maintenance. It will help you understand what to expect from a certain service provider when choosing one from the list of results you find when searching for “gardening services near me” on the Internet.

Bed maintenance and detailing: The most common service for landscape maintenance Southampton

Bed maintenance and detailing includes services like ground-cover trimming and controlling, debris removal, removal of spent blooms, weeding, monitoring and removal of browning leaves and branches, etc.

Seasonal cleanup (Spring/Fall)

This involves more in-depth cleaning which includes general bed maintenance as well as other additional services like perennial and grass dividing, seasonal perennial trim down, bed edging,  and mulch raking. This is required one to three times every year.

Pruning and Hedging

Pruning and hedging helps maintain the health and bloom performance of plant. Professionals in the field of landscape maintenance Southampton know the optimum time of pruning and hedging for specific plant species .It can also help maintain shape, size, and remove spent blooms or dead and diseased limbs, to promote growth and enhance the appeal of the space.

Landscape Plant Protect and Feed (Plant Health Care: PHC)

Plants feed from the nutrients in the soil. Every landscape plan must therefore have a plant feed and protect program.This also includes disease and pest prevention.

Lawn Protect and Feed

Lawn chemical programs also feed the soil of a garden or lawn space and protect against a range of pests and diseases such as grubs, brown-patch, and fungal issues.

Irrigation System Start-Up and Shut-Down

Irrigation start-up and shut-down are a  common part of most landscape maintenance contracts. It includes proper monitoring as well to ensure irrigation is optimum plant health and any repairs are done promptly, if and when needed.

Other services offered by professionals for landscape maintenance Southampton are:

  • Seasonal Display
  • Mulching
  • Lawn Mowing

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